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Ubisoft has announced that the highly awaited Rocksmith+ will release on PC on 6th September, 2022 Worldwide.

Ubisoft announced that Rocksmith™+, a premier music-learning subscription servicethat teaches players how to play acoustic, electric and bass guitar through their favourite songs, will be available* on Windows PC exclusively through the Ubisoft Store on 6th September. Building upon 10 years of successful music teaching experience with the award-winning Rocksmith method which has helped more than five million people learn how to play guitar, Rocksmith+ will be available for £12.99 for a 1-month subscription,£34.99fora3-monthsubscription, and £84.99 for a 12-monthsubscription. The subscription service can run on 10-year-old laptops with Windows 10 and will also be available on mobile later this year. 

Developed by a team of musicians, music educators and video game developers at Ubisoft San Francisco in collaboration with Ubisoft Osaka, Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Bucharest, Rocksmith+ will provide players with an expert, 360-degree approach and unlimited access to guitar learning, all included within the subscription:

  • ·Players will be able to learn how to play guitar through master recordings of songs from Sony Music, Universal and more, and will have access to an expanding library of more than 5,000 songs at launch, with new songs added each week from artists such as The Clash, Juan Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Santana, and more. Rocksmith+ will feature music across a variety of genres such as Rock, Metal, Pop, Latin, Hip-Hop and Indie from countries all around the world. 


  • Rocksmith+ features a suite of new and improved practice tools to give players a fun, personalised experience at any skill level. For example, the Adaptive Difficulty feature will dynamically adjust to a player’s skill level while they play, introducing new notes and chords as the player progresses. The technology adapts to players’ skill levels by measuring the total sum of their abilities, rather than their performance for an individual song.     


  • Rocksmith+ introduces the free Rocksmith+ Connect app, a phone-as-a-mic feature on iOS and Android that will let players connect to  PC. Players will benefit from Rocksmith+’s note detection and real-time feedback without the need for any peripherals. The app works with acoustic instruments or electric instruments played through an amp – or players can connect their electric instruments with the Rocksmith Real Tone cable, sold separately. Additionally, the Rocksmith+ Connect app also works as an accurate, professional grade guitar tuner. For more information on the Rocksmith Connect app, please visit: rocksmith.com/tuner
  • Players can hone their skills with interactive lessons and practice recommendations that the service generates based on their goals, skill level and progress.  
  • In addition to learning and improving their mechanics, players will also have video lessons available ranging from proper technique, gear, instrument care, music appreciation, and more through Rocksmith Discover.  
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