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Resident Evil 2, the most beloved title in the survival horror franchise has turned 20 the other day and with that, the supposed official reveal of  Resident Evil 2 remake seems to be in full swing. The Resident Evil 2 Remake was finally announced by Capcom back in 2015, after years of fans repeatedly requesting a remake or remaster of the 1998 classic from developer Capcom.

This seems like a great time to be a Resident Evil fan as the publisher has made some odd changes to the game’s official website. If you visited the Resident Evil 2 website yesterday, all you got was a white, empty page with the word ‘OK’ in regular font in the top corner. Is that a hint that the site is under construction, that we’re going to see something else very soon? Possibly.

Also, adding fuel to the fire, Capcom has tweeted something interesting from its Development Team 1 account, too:

“Good morning, everyone! (from the U.S.) Hope you all have a good day!:)”

This statement is supported with an image of the infamous dummy finger from the Resident Evil 7 publicity campaign, as well as what seems to be a typewriter: a series staple.

Fans are eager for an official remake after Capcom shut down the fan-made remake some years ago. Will we get the chance to visit an HD version of Raccoon City anytime in the near future? It now seems like a certain possibility with E3 just around the corner.

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