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Psyonix has put up a video showcasing three exclusive battle-cars for the upcoming Switch version of Rocket League.

There’s the Mario and Luigi themed battle cars which look completely identical except for the logos the duo’s iconic red and green shade. The car you get also depends on the team you select: Mario on the Orange Team while Luigi on Blue.

And then there’s the badass looking Metroid one, which is themed after Samus’ spaceship. Similar to Mario & Luigi, the Orange Team will have the orange variant while the Blue one will have the “classic color variation” of the Varia suit

Rocket League on Switch will also have other customisation items in the form of hats and trails:

The Mario and Luigi Toppers can be used on any non-licensed customizable battle-car, while the Super Star Rocket Boost can be used with the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR cars. Likewise, the Wave Beam Rocket Boost is exclusive to the Samus Gunship.

Here’s the trailer:

The game will arrive on Switch in holiday 2017.

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