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Buckshot Software has announced that its recently released retro FPS Project Warlock is moving out of the GOG timed exclusive period after 7 weeks. After initial launch coverage, gaining good visibility, positive gamers’ feedback and sales momentum the game is moving to other digital platforms – starting with Steam on 6th of December, 09:00 am PST.

The developers have also announced that the game had sold 10 000 units within three weeks of its release on GOG. Project Warlock launched as a timed exclusive on GOG on 18th of October and met its initial sales target for that platform in three weeks as opposed to the estimate three months period.

“The target was reached due to a dedicated and loyal player community centred around the game, GOG’s choice as a launching platform and resulting support in attaining platform visibility as well as an intensive PR and marketing campaign leading up to the launch squeezed in between some of the largest games stomping (or breaking thrones or riding horses) in Q4.” 

We were really impressed with the oldschool shooter when it came out and even gave it an outstanding 9 in our review.

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