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Fans of top-down shooters, prepare to be blown away! Bonus Stage Publishing has signed a publishing deal with the developers of Redgar: The Space Viking
Now we all love Viking games, but who even came up the idea of sending Vikings to space? Checkout the trailer here:

The game set in a retro-futuristic world combining dark medieval times with science fiction. As Redgar, a young and reckless space Viking, you must save your family from the evil regime, who plans to take over the world with the help of old gods. The game’s story revolves around a mysterious rock of unknown origin that has struck the surface of Earth, bringing with it amazing technology never seen by humans before.

Redgar: The Space Viking

The game features beautifully handcrafted levels that allow you to explore grim spaceships and dungeons. You can choose to use a stealthy approach to silently kill enemies without anyone noticing or go out all guns blazing. The choice is yours! you will also be offered an array of different ranged and melee weapons, as well as an energy shield that can be used to reflect back bullets and projectiles.

Redgar: The Space Viking has already a demo available on Steam, so you can try out the game before its official release. The developers promise an explosive gaming experience with a fast-paced gameplay style that is sure to leave you wanting more.


Download the demo, and get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Redgar, the legendary space viking hero!

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