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Rainbow Six : Siege is one of the biggest tactical shooters on the planet, and it’s playerbase is constantly expanding even in the third year after release. Ubisoft’s plan to expand into Asian territories, particularly China, had laid to certain proposed aesthetic changes to the game to make the game friendly with the strict rules for publishing in China.

These aesthetic changes included changes to skull, knife imagery (depiction of violence), slot machines (depiction of gambling), blood (depiction of violence) and depiction of sexual content. Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with the players, who took to voicing their opinions on how needless it is to make the changes for the global version of the game. What put fuel in the fire was Ubisoft’s intent to scrap down work on a separate client and implement all the visual changes for the game in the same.

Almost three weeks later, Ubisoft’s official reply to the community was that all aesthetic changes would be reverted on the global version of the game. Last minute changes might mean that the next season will come in a bit late, since a separate client needs to be developed keeping in line with their promises to publish the game in China and other Asian territories with strict censorship rules. Currently, the official verdict from Ubisoft on the issue is that “players in Asian territories can continue enjoying the same game as the other players.”

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