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Rage 2, the upcoming open world FPS from id Software and Avalanche Studios will not have load times during gameplay.

The information came from an interview VentureBeat did with id studio director Tim Willits in which he explains how Rage 2 improves upon its underperforming predecessor. The team at id was disappointed at how the open-world exploration in the original played out. Willits said “The biggest lesson we learned was, don’t try to make an open world game with a technology that isn’t open world. The loads — you had the first-person combat areas, and then you had the driving areas, and then you had the racing areas. You had all this loading. That made it feel disconnected.”
He further explained how Rage 2 aims to improve these aspects. There are no loads. It’s that sense of going anywhere, doing anything. If you see a mountaintop, you can walk to the top of it.”

Rage 2 will feature seamless transition between walking, driving and shooting, something a lot of games these days hope to achieve. Rage 2 was on of our most favorite games showcased during E3 2018. Let’s hope that id’s renowned FPS experience combined with Avalanche’s ability to design impressive open worlds and driving mechanics will make Rage 2 the game its predecessor hoped to be.

Credits: VentureBeat

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