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While Doom: Eternal stolen the show at Quakecon 2018, Avalanche and id’s Rage 2 did receive a lot of attention and the people who got a hands-on opportunity had nothing but good to say about the revamped sequel. The shooting looks great and the vehicular combat seems even more amazing. Although the setting and gameplay of Rage 2 could easily compliment a co-op or any sort of multiplayer aspect, the developers clarified that the game will be an exclusively single player experience, at least at launch.

When Ausgamers asked id Software studio director Tim Willits if the team was planning any sort of multiplayer or co-op component, he had this to say:

“It’s a single-player game,” Tim responds. “We feel that we are offering many hours of game for the money, but we also want to have a longer tail on the game.” Which means that the focus is to deliver a exhaustive single-player game at launch. We’ll have some free updates,” Tim adds. “And we’ll have paid updates. We have some community things too, so you can kind of feel that you’re part of a community. And we’ll talk about those later. But our focus is single player.” 

While we definitely believe that the lack of a co-op mode is definitiely a missed opportunity, to hear that Rage 2 will have continuous post-launch support is pleasing. Maybe we’ll see official mod support and even a community multiplayer mode in the vein of Just Cause 2 and 3.

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