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Remedy’s upcoming time-bending action-adventure third person shooter game, Quantum Break, is all set to release this April 5.


Apart from the game, it also features live-action shows which will have impact on the game, depending upon the choices that player makes. According to Remedy, “the game is about the heroes and the show is about the villains”. They further stated that “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game.” So it isn’t just for viewing purpose.

Recently, size of these live action TV shows, called Episode Pack, have been revealed via Xbox Store, and its a rather big deal.

The so-called Episode Pack will eats up about 75GB of space of your Xbox One. The pack comes with merely four episodes of 22 minutes each. But don’t expect to get 4K resolution for the shows, as for Xbox One the resolution for these episodes were kept to 1080p, whereas the PC players will get the joy of 4K experience.

On the off-chance that you don’t want to download the Episode Pack, you’ve the alternative to stream them online. However, as some of you didn’t have a high-speed internet connection, a typical issue in India , or didn’t have sufficient data to stream the episodes, simply be ready to compromise.

Another issue we’ll be confronting – is the storage room . The game is itself sized at 45GB and if we include the extent of Episode Pack to it, it’ll be a huge 120GB affair. And, just in case you have Xbox One with 500GB of storage capacity – you’ve to start cleaning up your console, if you want to enjoy it offline.

Quantum Break is scheduled to release on April 5, 2016 exclusively for Xbox One and Windows PC. So…. anybody wants to travel to the future!

  1. 120 GB??? when i Heard About GTA V being ~64 GB i was crying[I Have a 64 KB/s Connection]
    i Guess i wont be able to buy it 🙁

    1. I hear you. I have a 30 mbps connection but it has a 80 GB cap. That storage size is insane. Bet I can store all of Supernatural in Blue Ray rip in 120 GB. Just INSANE

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