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Puppies and pretty pictures are loved by everyone, so how would you feel if we told you there’s a game that lets you click and boast pretty pictures of puppies? Bet you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from hopping over to Publisher Kitfox Games and developer Sundae Month’s adorable dog-photography game– Pupperazzi!

Pupperazzi was released on Xbox and PC in 2022, and April 2023 brought a new surprise- your dog camera is now actually portable through the Nintendo Switch.

The Adorable Aspects

Pupperazzi promises to be a wholesome, light-hearted sigh of relief and stands true to that. Players can photograph various breeds of dogs in vogue attires with funky lenses at fancy angles. They can run around with the little puppies and swim around the lighthouse; they can post adorable pictures and acquire followers and recognition for being the neighbourhood’s esteemed dog photographer that helps them get new challenges. The game introduces you to ‘Puppypedia’- the catalogue of different breeds that can keep you engaged with the game even after you complete the main story of 3-4 hours.

The game’s best aspect is undoubtedly the ability to pet cute puppies, make them fetch sticks, and be cuddly and affectionate with the player.

The Derailment

Pupperazzi’s adorable and cosy premise makes one love the game at the surface. However, it could dive deeper. Ideally, the only ones who should be running in circles are the dogs behind their tails. However, that is only partially the case with Pupperazzi. It may make a player exasperated due to limited depth and range of creativity.

Moreover, some dogs are weird to interact with. Your followers seem to get sick of your dog photo spamming rather quickly, and their remarks feel off coming from such a light-hearted game.

Crux of The Matter

Pupperazzi is a sweet relief full of adorable dogs, fabulous outfits, and a fun opportunity to become a ‘Humanoid’ and part of a heartwarming world. It can get redundant for someone who doesn’t indulge much. However, it still allows players to discover a world beyond the 3-4 hour-long gameplay with its Puppypedia-catalogue of dogs. It is a pleasant experience, but not an essential one.


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