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Horizon Chase 2 is Gameffine’s first mobile game review. As the gaming world is constantly evolving, it is also bringing more quality games across the platforms. Going forward, it is inevitable that the Mobile Gaming market is bound to become one of the biggest in terms of players and games as well. 

Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 is a fast-paced racing game that allows you to race across countries and iconic locations on well-designed race tracks. These races will constantly challenge you to maximise your speed while maintaining control of your vehicle and preventing crashes. Are you ready to cruise through the jungles of Amazon? Or do you want to unleash the nitro on the streets of sleeping cities? Then you need to try Horizon Chase 2. Published by Aquiris Game Studio, Horizon Chase 2 is available on the Apple Arcade section. With that, let’s dive into our fast-paced experience of Horizon Chase 2.

Race through the World

Horizon Chase 2 offers multiple countries and cities to race in. Each of these races has been accurately designed to deliver an accurate feel of the place. Even if you’re racing in broad daylight through the bustling city, or racing against the setting sun in the countryside, the graphics will have you hooked. But hey! don’t get distracted by the beauty of the city, because you have a high-speed chase to win! Each of the races is uniquely designed with a unique race path, obstacles, dynamic-world events and even variations of the road.

Horizon Chase 2

You’ll need to pay constant attention since each race will have 16 AI opponents that will have a headstart against you. Through the laps, you need to cut them through and make your way to the 1st position. The only way to do that is by maintaining top speed and keeping several things in mind.

First, you need to pay attention to every curve. These curves are tricky and will provide a challenge to balance your vehicle. So stepping on the gas will only be a good option, if you have a clear distance from crashing over the side. Another fact to keep in mind are other players. There will almost be traffic on the entire race track. With 16 cars trying to cut you off, you need to keep clear of any vehicle that you might crash into and lose the lead. 

Since the world is so neatly designed you’ll be easily able to grasp the curves and path in the first lap itself. Allowing you to already plan your moves ahead in the upcoming laps. Each second will play a crucial role in managing your placement because if you want to be #1, you cannot afford any crashes at all.

Race Against the World

Right off the start, Horizon Chase 2 will allow you to go Multiplayer. This section will allow you to create a crew with your friends and race on any track or progress through the world tour together. This proves to be a really fun experience since you 4 will still be a part of the 16 participants and you have to navigate through the entire fleet while on top speed.

Horizon Chase 2

Playground is another option to freely join quick matches with random players. While this may sound like a cool feature, personally it hasn’t been so pleasant. All my Playground matches have been either only filled with AI and no human opponent. Or, the matches have an extreme lag which literally makes the game unplayable. 

Horizon Chase 2

When you have successfully completed the world tour, you will be able to play it again to compete for a better score and you will unlock all 3 stages of the tournament mode. The tournament mode is a separate ranked system that allows you to compete against the world while collecting ranks. But once again, this system is only fun if it performs well.


Horizon Chase 2 is an action-packed, fast-paced and visually racing game. Unlike other racing games, Horizon Chase 2 challenges you to cut through 16 opponents at unbelievably high speed while maintaining corners, and speed and using the nitro boost the break the leaderboard. 

The game may sometime suffer from lags during online play, it offered crisp and never seen before graphics in a mobile-based game. In-game weather like the rain effects, fog, and sandstorms create a mesmerising feel, which is truly commendable for a mobile game. We definitely recommend you to try Horizon Chase 2, available in the Apple Arcade.



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