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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the phenomenon which changed the way the world looked at battle royale, is heading towards a new ranked season with a new update. The new update revamps the ranking system, and adds the new snow map to the test servers.

The map leaked ahead of schedule and was made available on the PUBATTLEGROUNDS sub reddit, with redditors pulling up interesting new concepts from data mining the game files. Further leaks suggest that the game will be getting C4 as a weapon as well as two new vehicles, the Beetle and the Z130 flatbed truck.

Brendon Greene, AKA Mr Unknown, had already confirmed the presence of a large Soviet era cosmodrome with a large amount of loot. The area looks to be an ideal hot drop in the new map. The E3 2018 trailer shown during Microsoft’s conference had shown the ability to track footprints on the snow, so that’s another new feature on the map.

The official PUBG channel has scheduled the announcement until later today during the Game Awards.

This likely has to be the official announcement for the snow map, especially since PUBG streamer wtfmoses has already revealed that the update for the ranking system and the new map, called Vikendi, goes live on the new test servers on December 7,while the full release is scheduled for December 19.

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