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If you’ve played any esports at any point in your life, there are chances that you probably heard about the money to be made in this particular industry. The best and most easily accessibly way of making the big bucks – as most people discovered – is through betting on professional matches. This is where people discovered pages like csgolounge and dotalounge– sites that allowed wagering skins on matches. If you win, you get more value back – if you lose, your items are sucked up. However, it is more difficult for people to get into considering that you need to buy a hefty amount of items before wagering them on matches. This is where Profeud comes in.

Profeud is an Indian-only betting solution that allows you to bet on your favorite esports – allowing you to wager real money on esports directly.

Profeud‘s origins can be traced back to a startup idea from two brothers – Robin Dhar and Samrat Dhar – who are keenly interested in the field of esports. Robin has worked in the gaming industry himself, and both of them love video games to the core. When they came into the industry, they felt that there was a lack of a venue that actually allows people to play fantasy esports with real money. Following the fantasy sports boom in 2019, Robin and Samrat started their own venture which deals with a niche section of the gigantic fantasy sports market.

Profeud is India’s take on the esports betting scene. We’ve had plenty of companies trying to get into fantasy sports as it’s something of a hit in the country (and I can’t understand this obsession, truth be told). With the dawn of a new era of esports in the country, there are related areas of revenue that remains untapped. Profeud is the first organization that actually tries to test the waters for such a scene. There’s already a budding number of people wanting to monetize their passion, and the best way to do it is to get into betting on professional matches. The data for the matches as well as trademark images (logos for teams, especially) comes from an international data provider, which takes care of all legal provisions too. They take all sorts of Indian payment methods for adding money, so that’s definitely something.

Profeud is starting its operations officially with only CSGO (basically because it’s easier to get data on CSGO matches and teams). In the future, depending upon the reception of the application, Profeud will be branching out to DOTA 2 and PUBG as well. There are some issues in expansion, primarily in PUBG, because there will be conflicts with regulatory bodies on account of media hate for the game (and for gaming in general). It will be interesting to see how Profeud tackles the big leagues in the near future.

Interested folks can know more about the app on their social media hubs here: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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