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Portal Esports Secures an Invite for the CSGO Master League of the ESL India Premiership

Team Akatsuki Is Your Third Invitee to the DOTA 2 Master League of the ESL India Premiership

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The list of invitees grows bigger, as the big tournament closes in upon us! The ESL India Premiership is here, and every invite they send out is a reminder of the intense matches that are about to unfold. The fourth invitee to the CSGO Master League is another underdog of the scene – Portal Esports.

Portal Esports secures the fourth invite to the ESL India Premiership. The underdogs have seen quite some competition in small tournaments, and people are eagerly waiting to see what they can pull off in this new hyper-competitive format. ESL India Premiership isn’t the same as before – they have changed, and so have Portal Esports, because being invited to a prestigious tournament definitely means you got some decent skills.

Portal Esports is the fourth invitee to the CSGO Master League, beside Team Brutality,2ez Gaming and Entity Gaming. That leaves eight other invite slots – and a lot more speculation.

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