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A new update is on the way for Pokkén Tournament DX and, as well as the usual “improving gameplay”, it promises to add some very welcome online and training features.

Perhaps the most interesting thing coming to the game is the addition of Online Team Battles – these special contests see each player choose three Pokémon to take into battle with all three needing to be defeated in order to win. Currently, this type of battle can only be played locally so adding it to the online options seems like a great idea to us. Official Groups will start to appear online too, allowing players to take part in battles to receive new special titles.

Moving away from the online side of the game, another feature set to be included is the ability to record a Pokémon’s movements in the Free Training mode. This means that you will be able to take control of the opposing Pokémon, record any movements you make, and then play them back to improve your own skills. Nice!

No date has been set for this new update to kick in but we can’t imagine it’ll take too long for Nintendo to dish it out. In the meantime, get practicing those Team Battles!

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