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Point-and-click horror game WITHOUT ESCAPE heading to Steam, and Windows Store

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Dark Light

Without Escape – a point-and-click horror game inspired by classics such as Myst, Night Trap, and The Adventures of Willy Beamish – is set to launch April 24 on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux),, and Windows Store.

In Without Escape, you’ll explore a new dimension of horror as you face demonic forces and unearth secrets hiding deep within the walls. Woken up abruptly by a strange noise in your home, you suddenly find yourself plunged into hell. You must now solve puzzles with the help of clues spread around the house, and locate special items to find your way – advancing through an intense, otherworldly narrative unlike any other.


Without Escape will be available on, Windows Store, and Steam Tuesday, April 24 for Rs. 324 – 30% off. The game will return to its original price of Rs. 463 a week later – May 1.

The original soundtrack will also be available for only Rs. 132, and will contain 10 individual tracks. Both the and Steam versions support Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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