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Sony announced PlayStation Q in their PlayStation Showcase, which happened a few months earlier in May. PlayStation Q is a cloud-streaming handheld console that can play PS5 games from the PlayStation 5 console remotely.

As of now, it can be clearly said that Sony is also now investing their resources heavily in the cloud gaming sector. Also, Sony has said that PlayStation Q will release later this year with no confirmed date as of now

Thanks to @zuby_tech on Twitter, we get an early look at what PlayStation Q might look like,

With the video and images of the leaked console, it seems like it will feature quite a big screen like a tablet with the dual sense buttons attached to the sides.

The leaker claims that the screen size is around 8 inches, and it will be able to stream games at 60fps at 1080p. All the features from the DualSense features like the adaptive triggers and the same haptic feedback motors will be also there in the PlayStation Q. Since the streaming device seems to be Android-based, we can say without a doubt that this one will be an emulation beast.

Link to the twitter post-

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