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The trademark dispute has been finally put to rest as the PlayStation 5 trademark application by Hitesh Ashwani has been officially withdrawn. This update has been provided by the keen-eyed sleuths at Detective Gaming

Sony PlayStation India’s application for the PlayStation 5 trademark could not be finalized, causing delays in the announcement of release dates for the consoles. Thankfully, it seems like Sony India has finally paved the way for the next-gen consoles after a long string of legal actions.

About two months ago, the news of the PS5 trademark being registered to Delhi-based Hitesh Ashwani came to light after an investigative report on The Mako Reactor by celebrated Indian gaming journalist Rishi Alwani on October 6. Given the fact that Sony legally owns the PlayStation trademark, it was quite obvious that the conglomerate will get their trademark. However, the delay in releasing the consoles seemed inevitable.

Letter of Withdrawal


Thanks to the withdrawal of Ashwani’s application, Sony India now faces no opposition whatsoever in the ownership of the trademark. A few weeks ago, PlayStation India had confirmed their prices for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital to be 39,990/- INR and 49,990/- INR. Will Sony be releasing the PS5 in India on the global launch date of 19th November? As of now, the release date is yet to be confirmed for India.

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