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Last week, it was revealed that Obsidian Entertainment’s highly anticipated rpg Pillars of Eternity II- Deadfire would be getting professional voice acting by veterans of Critical Role.  We’ve been told that Deadfire will have a lot more voice acting than the first game. Today, by way of tweet, we’ve learned that “a lot” actually means all of the dialogue in the game.

The reveal comes from Audio Director Justin Bell who had this to say;

It looks like Divinity: Original Sin 2 has set the standard that all top-tier isometric RPGs will have to meet from now on as the game featured fully voiced dialogues. The original Pillars of Eternity released in 2015 had some lines that were voice acted, but most of the lines were text only, which struck out as a sore thumb. Pillars of Eternity II- Deadfire is coming out on the PC on May 8, 20018 and will follow it up with a console release later this year.

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