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Persona 5 has met with raving reviews from critics and it seems that the gamers’ thoughts are in conjunction as Persona 5 becomes the best selling game this week in the UK.

Persona is followed by Ghost Recon Wildlands, Lego Worlds and of course GTA 5 which doesn’t seem to stop selling at all. The whole list can be seen above.

Mass Effect has gone down by quite a bit, which is understandable due to the the lukewarm reception from the critics as well as the crowd, while BOTW maintains itself in the Top 10 at 7th position.

Just like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5 is another PS exclusive (Since it’s on PS3 and PS4) that raced past some big names to claim the top seat on a weekly basis which is a feat in it’s own right considering that ‘niche’ is a buzzword thrown around the internet quite frequently.

So what do you think about the charts? Let us know in the comments below.

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