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Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around. The game is pretty straightforward, you spin the wheel and a ball goes around until it finally comes to rest on one of the 36 red or black numbers. If you’re betting on the outcome, you have multiple options on how to play it. Bet on a single number, a color, odds/evens or a group of numbers.

To ensure that betting on the color of the number or an odd/even bet isn’t a perfect 50/50, you’ll also notice a 0 or in some roulette wheels two 0 spots, which tilt the odds ever so slightly in the houses favor.

Penny Roulette Features

Of the multiple versions of online roulette that you can find in an online casino, the Penny Roulette game by Playtech is the best option for players who are just looking to learn the game and hopefully win some money along the way.

There are some nice features that Playtech put on the gameboard that allows a player to personalize the game to suit their style. For example, when the game loads up, the roulette wheel and betting table are laid out in a diagonal fashion across the screen. You’ll see a camera icon on the top left corner of the board and if you click, you’ll be able to adjust the angle of the table. Just under the camera icon is a paintbrush, and this will allow you to change the colour of the table from the standard green to blue or red.

How to Play Penny Roulette

Regardless of which colour or camera angle you end up playing with, the game action is the same. As the name suggests, you can make a bet for as a little as a penny on any bet. Of course, if you wish to wager more, you have that option, the max bet is £20. To see a full breakdown of the betting options, the odds and the payout, you can click on the little brown box that lists the minimum and maximum bets and a pop up window will appear with all your betting options.

Once you’ve made your decision, clicked on the coins you want to wager, placed them in their proper places, you can click on the Spin button and watch as the ball rolls around the wheel and see where it lands.

If everything goes well, you’ll win some money and then you can decide what your next step is, keeping the same bets, raise your bet, or clear the table and start over from scratch.

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