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Today gaming has become more than just a competition of gamers. It has also become a competitions for various platforms. This age known as the Console Wars, the competitors being- Xbox One& 360, PS4 & PS3, Nintendo consoles and PC, has brought about some of the most exquisite and exhilarating games of all times. Many of them have generally been multi-platformers, be it GTA, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Max Payne. Some console exclusives have also been surprisingly well received such as The Last of Us, Bayonetta or the Gears of War series. But is it really that much of a war?

Console gaming has always been limited to a particular resolution and even more limited graphics. As we can see, all the titles on PS3 and Xbox 360 were limited to 720p. At that time there were PCs which could easily run games at 1080p with Ultra graphics, though they were costly to get. Today we are in the age of PS4 and Xbox One and we are back at the same place where we were 8 years ago when PS3 had released. What has changed? Nothing but technology. Today a PS4 or Xbox One title comes out on 1080p and the latest PCs are pushing these games to 4K. Even today those PCs are out of reach for the general people, but we can definitely start to see that in another 2-3 years PC games will be way ahead of console games in terms of playability and graphics.

 PCVsConsoleImageCompareAlthough PS4 and Xbox One are good upgrades over their predecessors, they roughly have the power of an entry level gaming PC. They lack the depth a good mid-high range gaming PC could give.

According to Forbes contributor Marco Chiappetta:

“The Console War Is Over: The PC Already Won.

The PC gaming segment is already twice the size of the console gaming market – and growing. A report just released by John Peddie Research (JPR) claims that the PC gaming market will tip $21.5B this year and grow to over $23B in 2017.

While Sony and Microsoft console fans start flame wars over the merits of 720P vs. 900P vs. 1080P, a high-end gaming PC can push 4K displays (that’s 4X the resolution of 1080P), with better image quality.”

In the Worldwide PC Gaming Hardware Market Report Series report, Ted Pollak, Senior Gaming Analyst at JPR claims that:

“We continue to see a shift in casual console customers moving to mobile. While this is also occurring in the lower end PC gaming world, more money is being directed to mid and high range PC builds and upgrades by gamers. Committed PC gamers are generally not interested in pure content consumption platforms. They are power users and pay thousands for the ability to play games at very high settings and then do business, video/photo editing, content creation and other tasks with maximum horsepower at their disposal in a desktop ergonomic environment.”

Check out the complete article here

Yeah many people disagree that a PC is not better than a console because we need a lot of computer based information on that. But we should not forget that it all started on PC.


Now everybody must be thinking. What about cost efficiency? Well that depends on whether you play all games or just a particular type or series. If you are going to play all games, it’s pretty much certain you need a PC because even if the initial investment is high, the games are available at a fraction of the price of console games. For example: Batman Arkham Knight is available on PC in INR 1,499 and on consoles it is INR 3,499. We can see that the same game costs us more than twice the amount.

Hence we can conclude that consoles are mainly for the casual gamers and PC’s are for those who want that extra edge in gaming.

  1. Mobile is more of a casual gaming platform. Console and PC platforms are meant for hardcore gaming. Oh, and Fifa sucks!

    1. I agree, Mobile has taken over everything Casual, and also has made gamers out of everyone… Don’t know about FIFA though, I think a lot of people won’t like that statement.

    2. In which line of the article did you find FIFA? And where did you connect it from. Either you are a super-computer or just saying something out of the blue. I think you are the super computer.

      1. Hahaha so fucking original. BTW just so you know my mother ‘s been dead for the past 2 years!!! You inconsiderate ASSHOLE!!!!

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