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A new hero (from the enemy though) , an animated short of one of its former members, and ……….. a new map too? Blizzard wasn’t kidding when they said they were going to make big additions to Overwatch this Blizzcon.

Blizzard World is a theme park, or rather, a storage for all of your memories of what you faced, or did, in other Blizzard games. The times when you faced a full zerg rush head on, your forces squirming like ants before their large numbers, resulting in a silver rank on your main account. Or where you started out in Azeroth, leveling up by collecting herbs, and repeating it all over again. Or where you faced the Lord of Terror himself, and freed the world from his grasp like the self-glorified hero you are supposed to feel like. Whatever be the case, Blizzard World is a perfect place for all games Blizzard, and possibly one of the best additions to the Overwatch map pool. Whether only nostalgia makes it great, or whether there are decent strategies that can be pulled off there too, will make all the difference in the competitive scene.

Watch the trailer here :

Ready to face your enemies on the new map, and possibly to explore a few exotic rides as well?

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