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A new Overwatch short has been released by Blizzard, which tells the story of D.Va following the collapse of Overwatch. South Korea continues being under the threat of Omnic attacks, which is staunchly defended by Hana (D’Va’s name in the real world) and her Meka squad. In the short, a group of renegade Omnics try to destroy the city, which she quickly disposes of with her suit, detonating the suit’s core in the end and injuring herself in the process.

The short also shows a new character called Theon, who lives with Hana as she takes a break from her time defending the country from Omnics. Considering Blizzard’s history of teasing characters before they make their way into the game, he might be the next playable hero. (even Bridgitte was seen in Reinhardt’s short, before she was actually announced). Here’s to hoping with fingers crossed for a new hero that might shake up the meta!

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