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As of last year, Overwatch world cup was held at Blizzcon 2016 with South Korea taking the victory, at Blizzcon Blizzard announced the Overwatch league where the best players around the world will be selected  and will be playing on a national level,

As of Now 7 teams have been announced and selected for season 1 of the Overwatch league

For the preparation for the start of Overwatch league, The league opens an Official player signing widow  for season 1 from august 1 to October 30,2017.

The announced team will be able to sign players to contracts during the time, including teams that will join the league during the signing window.

The players that the system will be selecting players will be unique to the league’s first season.
here are a few key benefits included in the Overwatch League Player Agreement:


1.Teams will sign players to one-year guaranteed contracts with the option to extend the contract for an additional year.

2.The minimum salary for players is USD $50,000 per year.

3.Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan.

4.Teams will distribute at least 50% of their team performance bonuses (i.e. money from winning playoffs and other League events) to their players directly.


Important rules that will be in effect for Overwatch League Season 1:

1.Each team roster must have at least six players and no more than 12 total.

2.There is no region locking in terms of the place of birth or home country of any player.

3.Teams will provide player housing and practice facilities during the season which will meet professional standards set by the Overwatch League.


The total bonus for the Overwatch league teams in season 1 will amount to USD 3.5 million $ with a minimum USD 1$million awarded to the season 1 Champions


The Overwatch League is expected to be launch later this year

more info can be found here 

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