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Overwatch gets a new cinematic trailer showing Mcree’s story shortly after Winston initiated the Overwatch recall. After a train robbery, criminal turned Overwatch hero Jesse Mcree faces off with some old contacts, including his old ‘pal’ Ashe. The best part of the trailer is Athena coming together in her robotic body, from the intelligent AI powering Winston’s computer.

The new hero coming to Overwatch is Ashe, with her new sniper rifle allowing her to do rocket jumps and take on any enemy at close or middle range. Ashe’s special ability include throwing TNT which does massive damage, effectively taking out enemy tanks, while her second gun allows her to push back enemies and launch herself into the air. Ashe’s increased mobility more than makes up for her lack of range for a sniper, allowing her to traverse from one place to another with ease. If the fight’s getting tough, just call upon Ashe’s faithful robotic partner Bob to do some serious damage.

Ashe will be available for play in Overwatch matchmaking shortly.

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