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The last expansion for the Year of the Raven of Hearthstone has been officially announced! The expansion, called Rastakhan’s Rumble, takes players to the famed Gurubashi Arena, a place visited by trolls from all over Azeroth once in a generation, where they battle it out to the death till the last man, err…., troll, stands alive.

Rastakhan’s Rumble introduces the new keyword ‘Overkill’. If the spell/weapon/creature with overkill deals more damage than required to kill an enemy minion, the overkill effect is triggered, granting a special bonus. According to Blizzard, this mechanic appeals to the ‘gladiatorial spirit’ of the trolls in the arena and fits in perfectly with the theme of the expansion. The legendary minions for this set include the champions of the arena, as well as the animal spirits worshipped by the trolls, also called Loa.

Quite a few cards from the upcoming expansion have also been showcased, including two Overkill cards, as well as two of the champion and one of the Lowa cards. The preorder is live on the Blizzard store, with the $50 pack granting 50 packs, and a budget option of $20 for 17 packs. The $50 pack preorder also grants the new Shaman hero – the mighty King Rastakhan himself. Both preorders grant the unique card back for the expansion.

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