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With a horde of walkers, celebrity guests, exclusive giveaways and a badass survival expert, this is not your typical Twitch event.

OVERKILL, the crew who brought you Payday 2, are showcasing their newest release with a killer lineup of gaming influencers. Shroud, JGhosty (Team Ninja), Anne Munition and AngryPug will team up to fight through a variety of missions throughout the broadcast.

Greg Miller (Kinda Funny), will not only host the event and preside over an action-packed itinerary, he’ll also be smashing heads IRL during the stream.
Expert survivalist and legitimate badass David Canterbury (Discovery Channel) will be popping in throughout the event, offering practical real-world advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse.

During the broadcast, OVERKILL will be giving away Steam codes, exclusive merch and more to viewers, who will also be able to alter the gameplay environment via Twitch to keep the gamers on their toes.

There will be carnage, there will be screaming, there will be swearing. And with a horde of walkers wandering around, no one’s safety can be guaranteed.
Visit twitch.tv/starbreeze on November 6, 2018 2-6 PM PT to witness it all.

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