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As a NERD, video games are not my only hobby. My love for video games also spills over into Comic Books, Animated Series, Mangas and of course Anime. As such whenever there is something cool happening in the Indian market which directly affects my pop-culture itch, I strive to scratch it ASAP. That is what happened when I heard of Otaku Village India.


I came across Otaku Village India, on one of my various excursion into the internet, where I start with typing ‘Goku statue India’. Mostly that query is met with higlhy un-reliable or highly expensive links which leave me fuming at the speed with which the Indian pop-culture market is evolving. In case of Otaku Village India however, I was presently surprised.

Look at that figurine and tell me you don't want that
Look at that figurine and tell me you don’t want that

2 things came into my mind as soon as I took a tour through their site.

  1. I want that Goku statue.
  2. More people need to know about this.

One thing led to another and soon I had some geeky swag getting delivered to me, thanks to the awesome people at Otaku Village. As much as I wanted the awesome ‘Goku Figure’, I wanted to see how Otaku Village India handled stuff like deliveries and packaging. More importantly when it came to stuff which most people ordered more, like key-chains, or coasters etc. So I decided to splurge on a very cool Naruto Key-chain, and a replica of the Death Note Notebook.

The naruto keychain, that came in through the mail. Click on the mail to buy it.
The naruto keychain, that came in through the mail. Click on the mail to buy it.

The order was placed on a Monday. The order placement was streamlined and very similar to what you expect in most e-commerece sites. It offered multiple payments options as well including Net Banking which was my preference, but it does offer Cash On Delivery. The products themselves arrived by Thursday. Wrapped in bubble-wrap and packed in a small cardboard box, both shipments were delivered without any real hassle and that in itself is a compliment.

The product I recieved VS. the one which was advertised. Click on the image to buy this from Otaku Village
The product I recieved VS. the one which was advertised. Click on the image to buy this from Otaku Village

The most astounding fact about Otaku Village India is the sheer number of merchandise available for sale. All merchandise is official too, and the variety that is on offer can be a little overwhelming for any anime fan. There are statues, figurines, wallets, caps, bags, key-chains, USB drives, and even cosplay accessories.

As it stands Otaku Village India is one of the most comprehensive Anime/Manga based store in India right now.

Apart from the store which is the highlight of their offerings, Otaku Village India also run a blog which is pretty well maintained. The blog focuses on the international anime and manga scene and unlike most other store blogs is updated regularly and with relevant content. Which I believe speaks volume about the kind of heart that the people behind Otaku Village India are putting into this venture.

Its heartening to see that the pop-culture scene in India is coming up leaps and bounds. With stores like Psychostore and Otaku Village India, a fan is able to buy his favorite geeky swag for reasonable prices.

Its easier to be a nerd in Indian today than ever before, and its thanks to stores like Otaku Village India.

In celebration of that, IndianNoob offered every one of its newsletter subscriber in October a special discount code which offered up to 15% discount on any product that you bought off from Otaku Village India. If you like what you see over at Otaku Village India, let us sweeten the pot for you and offer you not 1 but 2 discounts.

  • SPIRIT10 – 10% off on all orders
  • SPIRIT20 – 15% off on all orders above cart value of Rs.2000


Before we go, here is a Haiku.

Discount on Otaku,
Follow the Noob.

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