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Turoths, a unique breed in the realm of Slayer monsters, offer more than just a combat experience; they are a testament to the diverse and rich world of OSRS and are one of the few creatures that will restrict your use of weapons but reward you with drops that are worth a decent amount of OSRS GP.

Turoths, part of the Slayer monsters’ family, require a minimum Slayer level of 55 to engage. They stand out in the OSRS monster roster due to their distinctive trait: an immunity to damage from all non-Slayer-specific weapons. This unique characteristic makes them a sought-after target for players looking to test their mettle and strategy in Slayer tasks.


When you’re assigned Turoths as a Slayer task, it’s not just about swinging your sword or firing arrows. The requirement to use specific weapons means you need to plan your inventory and strategy. This aspect of the task makes Turoths a rewarding experience for Slayers who enjoy adding a tactical edge to their combat.

Unique Location and How to Get There

Turoths reside exclusively in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, a location teeming with dangers and mysteries. To reach this dungeon, you can travel through the Fremennik Province, navigating to this monster haven. The journey is an adventure, with each step towards the dungeon increasing the anticipation of the battle ahead. The secluded habitat of the Turoths adds to their allure, making each encounter a memorable experience. Use either fairy ring DKS or the teleport on a Slayer ring to get here fast. Alternatively, if you can’t access either, use a Camelot teleport and run.

Restricted Gear

When facing turoths, you will need to use specialized gear. This restriction enhances the Slayer experience by compelling you to adapt your usual combat style. Preparing for a Turoth encounter involves selecting the right weapon, understanding its mechanics, and how it can be effectively utilized against these unique foes. This preparation underscores the strategic depth of OSRS since there are only a few weapons that can deal damage to these monsters.

Leaf Bladed Melee Weapons

Leaf-bladed melee weapons are the most prominent among the weaponry effective against Turoths. These weapons, designed explicitly for Slayer tasks, are essential for penetrating the tough hide of Turoths. Each leaf-bladed weapon, whether a sword or a battleaxe, offers a balance of speed and power, providing a satisfying melee combat experience against these resilient foes. There are three melee leaf blade weapons:

  • Leaf-bladed spear (purchasable from slayer masters)
  • Lead-bladed sword (drop from Turoths and Kurasks)
  • Lea-bladed battleaxe (drop from Kurasks)

Broad Bolts/Amethyst Broad Bolts

For those who prefer ranged combat, broad bolts and amethyst broad bolts are the ammunition of choice. When used with the appropriate crossbows, these bolts enable you to take down Turoths from a distance. Using ranged allows you to capitalize on using safe spots but also makes you vulnerable in front of these monsters since they attack with melee, which is weak against range.

Magic Dart Spells

If you want to train Magic while killing turoths, you can turn to the Magic Dart spell, an effective method to combat Turoths; otherwise, if you’re looking for something new, you can search OSRS accounts for sale. This spell, requiring a Slayer staff for casting, combines the arcane with the art of Slayer, offering a magical approach to these otherwise resilient creatures.

Useful Equipment

Enhancing your efficiency during your Turoth slaying tasks are key items: the seed box, herb sack, and Bonecrusher. The seed box simplifies managing the variety of seeds dropped by Turoths and extending trips, ensuring more loot arrives at your bank. Meanwhile, the herb sack is essential for collecting the diverse herbs they yield. The Bonecrusher is a unique tool that automatically disposes of bones for Prayer experience, making it an invaluable asset for any Slayer task.

Superior Slayer Monster

The Superior Slayer Creature version of Turoths, known as the Spiked Turoth, has a 1 in 200 chance to spawn when killing turoths on a slayer task. This rare and much stronger variant offers an intensified combat experience, significantly stepping up in difficulty from their regular counterparts. Encountering a Spiked Turoth tests your combat skills and a tantalizing opportunity, as they boast enhanced drop tables, including a chance for the coveted Imbued Heart and the Eternal Gem.


The drops from Turoths are as diverse as they are valuable. The leaf-bladed sword is a highly sought-after weapon, and the mystic robe bottom (light) is a prized piece for magic users. Turoths also drop various runes, including law and nature runes, which are essential for spellcasting. The assortment of herbs and seeds provides valuable resources for Herblore and Farming and adds an element of surprise and anticipation to each kill.


The likelihood of being assigned Turoths as a Slayer task varies significantly depending on the Slayer Master you choose. Each Slayer Master in OSRS has their own task list and probability weightings, influencing the frequency of Turoth assignments. For instance, Chaeldar, located in Zanaris, offers a relatively higher chance of assigning Turoths due to her specialized task ūlist favoring mid-level Slayer creatures. On the other hand, higher-level Masters like Duradel or Nieve/Steve have a broader range of potential assignments, which slightly lowers the probability of Turoths being selected. However, it’s crucial to remember that these more advanced Masters can offer more challenging and diverse tasks, which can be more rewarding for experienced players. For beginners or players with a lower Slayer level, Masters like Vannaka provide a balanced mix of tasks but with a lower likelihood for Turoths due to their more basic task lists. Konar can also assign turoths; while on a slayer task from her, you might earn brimstone keys.

The Very Embodiment of Strategy

In the world of OSRS, Turoths represent more than just a Slayer task. They embody the essence of strategy, adaptation, and the thrill of the hunt. Whether it’s through mastering the art of Slayer-specific weaponry, navigating the perilous Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, or reaping the rewards of their unique drops, Turoths offer an enriching experience that goes beyond mere combat.

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