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Space adventurers get ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of Proteus 2. The Fenix Fire dev team have announced today that their space survival epic Osiris: New Dawn will be receiving a massive update coming April 27. The Proteus II Unearthed update brings with it new features, a fully realized Proteus II and a host of content to expand the game experience.

The Proteus II Unearthed update features will include:

  • Proteus II Map Redesign: The starting moon of Proteus II has been redesigned to showcase varying biomes, with more flora and fauna, crater lakes, abandoned installations, and more discoverable landmarks.
  • What Lies Underneath – New Mines Section: Enter the alien infested Osiris 1 mines and fight for your life to reveal what fate befell the original Osiris Mission. Confront the maze-like ruins and encounter the dark secrets lurking within.
  • Ranger Class: Suit up as a new class with unlocked defensive skills  to employ turrets, build wall structures, and more
  • Upgrade Graphic Quality: Immerse yourself in the world of Osiris with new graphical features such as volumetric clouds, temporal anti-aliasing, and screen space shadowing
  • Mission System: Dive deeper into the lore of Osiris: New Dawn by contextually acquiring and completing missions.
  • Alien Encounters: Discover the hierarchy of the Crabs; from lowly Snubbs to the elegant and terrifying Crab Queen.
  • New Melee Combo System: Chain together attacks using hand crafted weapons with the new melee combo system. Unique animations ensure you’ll find a weapon that fits your playstyle.

The Proteus II Unearthed update will be available on April 27. Osiris: New Dawn is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99.

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