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OpTic India Steamroll Their Way Into the Finals of ZOWIE Asia CSGO Extremesland 2018 at Shanghai

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OpTic India score a win over Entity Gaming in the final match of the ZOWIE Asia CSGO Extremesland 2018 LAN finals of the Indian qualifier. They will be flying off to Shanghai shortly for the main LAN event.


OpTic India’s performance in the tournament was impressive, as they steamrolled their way into the LAN finals of the Indian qualifier, and sported an extremely decent performance against both Slaughter Rage Army and Entity Gaming in the LAN finals.

For the uninitiated, Extremesland is an tournament organized by BenQ Zowie in the Asia-Pacific region, which seeks to bring out some of the best CSGO talent in the Indian subcontinent. This year’s Extremesland had a total prize pool of 100,000 USD, with the winner of each qualifier making their way to Shanghai for the finals.

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