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According to Kotaku UK, Capcom is bringing Okami HD to the PS4 and XB1 and will release in December.. Originally released for the PS2 in 2006, this unique action adventure game, featuring a wolf goddess that can use a magical brush to manipulate surroundings, flopped commercially (although it recieved rave reviews) and over the years, garnered cult status; it was later ported to the Wii with enhanced visuals and motion controls in 2008 and also received an HD remaster for PS3 (called Okami HD) in 2012 as a digital download in the west.

Now it’s supposedly recieving another chance at popularity and it rightly should, as it’s a near perfect game in almost all aspects. No word on a Switch version however, which is quite surprising; after all Capcom did recently announce that they’re bringing the Resident Evil Revelations games to Nintendo’s hybrid console later this year so it’s weird that they are skipping out on another re-release of a game that was not only on a Nintendo system in the past but also was well received by Nintendo fans due to it’s obvious Legend Of Zelda inspired nature. Oh and the sequel, Okamiden was also exclusive to a Nintendo system – the DS to be precise.

Will you be picking up this game for your PS4 or XB1?

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