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A user on ResetEra, Enter The Dragon Punch, posted about a couple of strong evidences supporting the probable release of Paladins on the Switch. Enter The Dragon Punch writes:


Datamining of the newest public test server has brought up the “Oasis” codename, which… In other language files, just outright refers to Nintendo accounts instead.

And Polish fansite “PaladinsPoland” has datamined evidence of a Nintendo Online skin for Androxus, who also got an Xbox Live and PSN skin.

While my personal praise for Hi Rez is almost non existent a lot of the time, I will say: very smart move to bring the game to Switch. a F2P multiplayer shooter with a cartoony aesthetic seems perfect for the platform. Paladins has a chance to be the first big FPS on it.

I wonder if this means they’re gonna bring Realm Royale as well.”

As the user says, Paladins has the potential to become the next big thing on the Nintendo Switch, and this is not the first time a probable Switch release was leaked.

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