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Octopath Traveller Rated for PC by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee

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More exclusive titles might be making their way to the PC, leaving their platform of exclusivity. Octopath Traveller, the hit 2D JRPG from Square Enix might be making their way into the PC. A leaked rating from the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee shows it to be rated for the PC platform. The game is apparently given an age rating of 12, since it does not contain anything other than minor violence.

The rating has since been removed, though a screenshot has been taken and posted to ResetEra.

             In the game, players take the path of eight distinct travelers (hence the name) and explore their own distinct adventure. The player has a vast open world to explore while engaging in a turn-based battles against enemies. Each traveler has their own unique special abilities to use. The game has been an exclusive to the Nintendo Switch since its release in July 2018, and the leaked rating suggests that the game might be heading for a PC release soon.

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