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With the high-end RTX GPUs already out in the market, NVIDIA is preparing for a worldwide launch of its budget GPUs. The company’s twitter handle has announced the official release date for the RTX 2070 as October 17.

The pricing starts from $499 for the reference design and $599 for the Founder’s Edition. NVIDIA’s hoard partners have not yet announced the pricing for their versions of the RTX 2070.

The reference edition of the RTX 2070 comes with a base clock of 1410 Mhz and a boost clock of 1620 Mhz with a TDP of 175W. The cooling solution for the Founder’s Edition seems to have been reworked, which looks much better than the coolers on previous-gen Pascal GPUs.

The 2070 listing has been spotted on the NVIDIA shop as well, which will likely be available for preorder shortly. Interested folks can head here to check it out.

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