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Microsoft’s October Windows 10 update adds many new features and improves many existing features, but the addition of DirectX Raytracing seems to be one of the most important significant points in the update notes. Public support for DirectX ray tracing is important because of two reasons :

  1. DXR provides an industry-standard application programming interface (API) that gives all game developers access to GeForce RTX’s hardware support of ray tracing.
  2. DXR adds support for ray tracing to the Windows operating system, so DirectX 12 Windows PCs can now execute the applications that support real-time ray tracing.

Raytracing will soon replace rasterization as the holy grail of computer graphics, being the ideal choice for many a developer who wants to realize the concept of photorealism in their games. Three AAA titles – Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield 5 and Metro Exodus will be supporting ray tracing out of the box, with many other developers working with NVIDIA to realize stunning graphics in their titles using ray tracing.

All NVIDIA RTX GPUs will be supporting the new feature, and with the new Microsoft update, gamers can look forward to the first wave of titles with next-gen graphics.

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