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Here is another amazing mod created by Abbalovesyou titled as Be a dog – playable dogs, which will let you play as Dogmeat or as a raider dog or even those enemy dogs which encountered in Commonwealth.

See the screenshot below, showing Dogmeat as he opens the door for the Vault-Tec representative in the game’s intro scene.




But there are some issues come up with this mod – the pipboy will not show up in first person, so it means the only way to access your inventory is with a batch file or if you know how to use the pipboy even without the HUD it may be easy to equip the item you want.

You will be able to wear any dog gear as long as they don’t have this keyword that doesn’t allow the player to equip the item.

You’ll get 4 Attack moves as the description reads on the site:

1 – Right Attack Is a basic bite
2 – Left Attack is a basic bite 2
3 – Bash/Power Attack is a jumping bite while standing still
4 – Bash/Power Attack is a running jumping bite while moving foward.

This sounds weird but awesome at the same time. Recently, River, the dog who portrayed Dogmeat, has won Top Video Game Dog award beating D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid 5 and Chop from GTA 5.

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