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If you’re having a tough time surviving in the Frozen North, and need some additional help from the developers to help manage your settlers, worry no more! The newest update for Northgard is here, which makes several changes to the game.

The update adds a new clan, called the Clan of the Bear. Housing the most resilient warriors of the North, their warriors can easily survive even in the harshest winters. Their control over animals also helps defend their lands, as well as the fact that berries gathered during winter are lesser in number than summer, but still greater than the other clans. Their warriors gain a resilience bonus in winter instead of being weakened by the weather.

The Clan Of The Bear.

The Clan of the Bear gets two additional units to play with. The Armored Bear is a powerful defensive unit that cannot enter enemy territory, but is a strong creature with a low summoning cost (only 50 food) that easily claws off enemy warriors that cross over to your land.

The Armored Bear in action, taking out wolves.


The Shieldmaiden is the second unique unit, it replaces the Warchief from other clans. She has a low attack, but a high defense, that allows her to take punishment till all her forces fall in battle. A stalwart defender of the North, she is the reason the Clan of the Bear will never falter in their quest for gold and glory.

The Shieldmaiden leading her troops into battle.

Besides these, the new update makes changes to the AI, to make it as challenging as possible. One of the most critical weaknesses of the game was the feeble AI, who was too easy to overpower even in Hard mode.  Now, the AI is being revamped, and will return as a much more formidable foe than before, requiring you to plan every move more carefully.

Changes are also made to help prevent people from cheating. A lot of people took advantage of the lack of dedicated servers for the game, and used cheat programs to find a shortcut to victory. In the Frozen North, only the strongest of mind and flesh survive, and certainly not a cheater weakling who has neither a strong mind nor a strong body! Interesting new changes have been made to deal with cheaters, which should help legit players a lot. (It is yet to discovered what these “measures” are, but they certainly will hinder cheaters from playing the game).

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