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DSOG has reported that Konami has taken down the fan recreation of their cancelled Silent Hills demo, P.T.  Konami got in touch with GameJolt’s Qimsar and asked him to shut the project down. Not really a surprising news, since IP holders are known to take down unlicensed fan projects whenever they draw too much attention.

 According to the developer,  Konami is offering an internship to him so he can do various stuff for Konami EU, US and JP.

As Qimsar said, his almostc-complete final version would have hit the Internet this Sunday and from there it would take little time in order to finish it.

“Like, I just got all the animations (which as many of you all know, were essentially the ‘final piece’ to making the game not just 100% playable but 100% gameplay accurate) 2 days ago. I was expecting v0.9.5 to come out on Sunday and all I would have needed to make adjustments to from that point on would have been some minor lighting tweaks, the rain, the cockroaches, a few missing textures, etc.”

He’s still wondering why only his project was shut down, and not the other P.T fan remakes that are in the works. He had this to say on the matter;

“Also, I wondered why it was that my remake was the one that was taken down, not the dozens of other attempts that were never able to finish. Maybe it was because I was so close to completion? Maybe it was because of how popular it became (btw, Polygon and every other game news site never asked me for permission to write an article on me and my remake, but I don’t care, I forgive you all, what’s done is done)? However, I realize that I should actually be pretty thankful that mine was chosen to be the one to get taken down because if it were someone else’s, then I would still be just chilling in my home with no idea on what I want to do in the future and whatnot, but even if it still is really unfortunate that mine was taken down when it was so close to being done, (and I mean holy nut it was close) it has given me a really awesome opportunity.”

With Kojima and Del Toro‘s Silent Hills shelved, the future of the fan favorite psychological horror series remains uncertain.

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