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Nokk and Warden Are Your Season 2 Operators for Year 3 in Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six is about to expand to newer, more exotic locations to combat a series of new threats as planned by the new “Six”, or “Harry”. Season 2 is about to start, with a rank wipe, many new changes to game mechanics, and of course, a new map and two new operators. A few teasers from Ubisoft have given us what to expect from the new expansion.

The first operator, Nokk, is a dangerous specialist who can “get in,get out” at the right moments. She’s an infiltrator who strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who goes up against her. With the power of the HEL, developed with the help of Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam, allows Nokk to stealthily take down multiple targets without giving a hint about her whereabouts. Nokk’s trailer is the creepiest one amongst all operators released so far, making it look eerily like the trailer of a horror movie (what’s Conjuring again?) Nokk will be the attacking team’s Caveira for the job.

The second operator, Colin “Warden” McKinley is one of the best of the US Marines who got called to the Secret Service. His special Glance Glasses allow him to see what other defenders cannot see, allowing him to plan ahead of his enemies. Foresight is a thing with him, and he’s a formidable enemy even without his glasses.

The final reveals are planned for after the finals of the Rainbow Six Pro League on May 19, where Operation Phantom Sight will officially debut.

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