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No man’s Sky is just a few days shy of release now and it is going to be the new ‘stuff’ in the gaming market. The release of the game has been delayed on the PC by 3 days, but that doesn’t in the slightest way decrease the hype for us PC gamers and as long as the game releases with less bugs, PC gamers will be like “Take my money, and give me the goddamn game”. Well the PC requirements are out and I know that, but we have been given a limited set of hardware in that requirement, so I thought, why not give a wider approach to the whole system requirement thing. So first up is the minimum requirements:

Note: The below speculation is based on the information provided by Gaming Debate.

Minimum Requirements:

CPU- Intel Core i3- 530/ AMD Athlon X4 730

GPU- GTX 480/ Radeon HD 6970


HDD- 10 GB

Well this system requirement seems quite modest when compared to other games that have recently released and while the CPU side does seem balanced, I can’t help but notice the raw power difference between the Nvidia and AMD GPUs that have been assigned to the minimum requirements. I did some research on the GPUs and found that the performance of the GTX 480 reached somewhere between the GTX 650/ HD 7770 mark, but the HD 6970 had a considerable increase in performance over both these cards, though not by a large margin, but it was quite noticeable.

The best proof of that was HD 6970 had about twice the average frame-rate of HD 7770 when it came to Battlefield 4 (90 fps vs 45 fps), which is quite huge a difference. In other benchmarks as well it showed a minimum of 15 fps lead over the AMD 7770. I couldn’t find the GTX 480 vs HD 6970 comparison stats so I compared that again with the HD 7770, and to my surprise, found that the HD 7770 performed better than the GTX 480 in Metro: Last Light by about 7-8 frames. Other benchmarks did indicate that the AMD 7770 did outperform the GTX 480.

This has led me to believe that AMD users will have to be a bit careful, since I don’t think this game has been properly optimized for AMD cards (Just my speculation). As for the RAM, many people are saying that 8 GB is a must, and from my thinking, a procedurally generated world might just require that push to 8 GB, because let’s be honest, 4 GB has been sufficient for all games till now and this just might lead to a change.

As for the lower tier user, I’m not sure at what specs it will run, but if you have an integrated GPU, you may as well kiss your hopes of running the game goodbye. As for mobile GPUs, I think that the GT 930M or above will be able to handle this game at lower resolutions, but the game is not out yet, so I can’t say for sure. As for other requirements you can be sure that if you are getting a GT 930 as a dedicated GPU, you’ll get a pretty decent processor with it. As for desktop, we will do a build tomorrow, keeping No Man’s Sky in mind.

CPU- Intel i7-860/ AMD FX-8120

GPU- GTX 960/ R9 285


HDD- 10 GB

I don’t think the recommended requirements are much to be honest and here the GPUs are fairly a good match in both camps. The GTX 960 and R9 285 are fairly popular cards and seeing that gamers will be able to almost max out the game at this price point is quite good. That being said, we still have to see if the game will support higher resolutions like 2K, 4K, Ultra Widescreen resolutions etc.

What do you guys think about the system requirements? Let us know in the comments below.

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