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Hello Games’ upcoming and ambitious Sci-fi adventure/exploration game, No Man’s Sky has just gone gold, that means the game is now able to duplicate and will go under production.

The small indie team celebrates their 4 years of culmination with a crazy group selfie.

The bearded man holding a disc of the game is Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, and the rest behind him is his team.

No Man’s Sky is truly an ambitious exploration game, as it features an open world generated procedurally. Players can discover and explore vast planets, stars and their creatures in an un-ended universe. The game was set for a June 21 release but eventually delayed to August 9, 2016 which, no doubt, its final release date. (Due to this surprise delay, Sean has also faced death threats…..c’mon it’s just a game…)

Realistically, the development on the game is not yet over, and will perhaps receive patches after release to serve players the experience they expected.

No Man’s Sky will be accessible on PS4 and PC from August 9, 2016.

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