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No Man’s Sky the ambitious, open world (or should we say open universe) game finally has a release date.

No Man’s Sky will release on 21 June 2016

After 3 years of teasing which started at VGX 2013, No Man’s Sky has captured the imaginations of the gaming community at large. The game promises an unexplored and infinite (or near infinite) universe with multiple planets, each one different in their own way. The game would be populated with other space explorers such as yourselves (other real players) but encountering them would be a surprise instead of the norm. That’s how big No Man’s Sky promises to be.

Initially announced as a PS4 exclusive, it was recently announced that No Man’s Sky will be available on the PC as well. As it currently stands it won’t be making an appearance on the Xbox One. But like many things about this game, that is subject to change. No Man’s Sky was initially slated for a December 2015 release and was even in our most anticipated games of 2015 list. But since then the game had been delayed, and then went into a kind of a hypersleep.

It has now emerged and is finally getting people back on the hype train with a concrete release date and closed alpha sitting with different gaming studios. Hello games which have earlier made games like Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie in an interview with Endgadget mentioned that the idea of the game came to the founder Sean Murray during his childhood days in Australia.

We think it’s an ambitious project, which if realized fully to its potential can re-write how games are made. The pre-orders for the game have opened, and Sony has even announced a retail copy of the version. So from the looks of it, they have high hopes of the game. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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