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Are you a fan of EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Who am I kidding? Who isn’t a fan of this sweet classic? But let’s face it. It isn’t 2005 anymore and Most Wanted certainly shows its age. Since a remake or remaster from EA is nigh unlikely, Most Wanted REDUX is your best bet at having the ultimate NFS MW experience in 2020.

Most Wanted REDUX aims to be the ultimate Most Wanted experience, compiling the best community creations including updated visuals, cars, scripts and more. Most Wanted REDUX 2020 includes the textures, shaders, and tweaks from the X360 version, makes cops playable, HD textures, new race options, HD skyboxes, improved UI, resolution fix, improved car models and more.

Watch the mod in action below:


Below are the mods you get when installing REDUX 2020;

  • Xbox360 Stuff: 
  • Widescreen Fix:
  • NFSMW Unlimiter
  •  NFSMW HUD Adapter:
  • HD Reflections
  • Xbox360 Droplets:
  •  MW Cut Races Mod:
  • HD Fonts:
  • HD Logos 
  • HD Vinyls
  • Extended Cameras:
  • Fixed Cop Models:
  • Cops Fiery Explosions
  •  Smol Fix Mod
  •  110+ Cars available (Originals, Mods, Bonus and more) 

You can download this latest version of NFS Most Wanted Redux 2020 from here.

  1. My game stops working as soon as it tries to enter the Main Menu. I followed all the steps shown in the video.

  2. I installed the 2020 version,

    Everything’s fine expect a odd green sky and i don’t know what to do!

    Can anyone help me?

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