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One year ago, developer StickyStoneStudio presented the first gameplay footage from its puzzle game “Memorrha”. Now they are back with a new gameplay video featuring previously never before seen content and revealing the first details about the mysterious game world. But the footage shows more than just content that has been kept under wraps until now. The developer has used its time over the past year to expand “Memorrha” and make it more interesting.

Most recently, the game was shown at “German Dev Days” 2019 in Frankfurt. It was an honor for the developer Philipp Degasper to be chosen as one of the selected exhibitors. “It is simply priceless for me to be able to exhibit the game alongside so many other strong entries. This goes a long way towards validating what we started as a hobby project of love 3 years ago.” His colleague Nikolai Bartsch was also enthusiastic: “We were able to hear out so many interesting opinions about the project. In addition to garnering a lot of praise, we also received constructive criticism of some parts of our game, allowing us to significantly polish the gaming experience for ‘Memorrha’.”

The game is a full-featured single-player experience that takes about 8 to 10 hours to complete. Not just logic games fans, but also those who are into experimental and exploratory gamers will get their money’s worth from the game. It will be released on September 27, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The developer of the console version is Korion Interactive.

StickyStoneStudio are Indie developers who joined forces as students at Offenburg University. Memorrha is a project which was originally created during the period of the developers’ studies. The developers then smoothed off all the rough edges and polished it. Memorrha is the developers’ debut title and their pride and joy.

Korion Games is an independent developer and publisher for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. Their strengths lie in strategy games and platformers and in porting games to consoles. Since 2013 the company is active in providing games for entertainment and education and particularly experienced in performance-oriented development in Unity.

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