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A brand new “The Cayo Perico Heist” update is landing on December 15 for GTA Online. This exciting update was announced by Rockstar Games via a post on their official website. The update will bring loads of new content including a brand new island on which the heist is based, new heist planning, new weapons and vehicles, a submarine HQ, and much more.

Rockstar Games had been teasing this news for quite some time now with almost naked corpses with briefcases washing up on the shores of Los Santos. They had posted a cryptic teaser of the new heist with blink-and-you-miss shots of the area and the mystery surrounding it – especially the El Rubio Dossier.

This update will bring the biggest heist ever in GTA: Online! You’ll be invading a private island of the world’s most notorious drug dealer, and will have tomake your way through the heavily armed security forces, by stealth or force, and escape with gold, treasures and important pieces of evidence. More details about the heist will be made available by Rockstar soon.

This heist will also have an option to either go solo or with up to 3 friends. With a new planning system, you’ll have a variety of options to go through this heist. A brand new heavily armed Submarine HQ will also be available as the base of operations. Additionally, you can now hire more DJ’s and enjoy brand new radio stations with over 100 new songs!

We had covered the news of an upcoming new heist and location back in July this year – and it is finally round the corner! For more details, keep coming back to Gameffine!

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  1. Seriously, this was so helpful. It got me through my first Cayo Perico heist after I had tried about 15 times and kept being seen.
    Tip for anyone struggling with escaping, forget about your escape vehicle, swims. As soon as you walk out of the main gate follow the compound wall to the right, walk all the way to the edge of the island along the wall and you will see a little brick shack thingy. Behind the shack there is a spot on the cliff where you can almost walk down into the ocean, swim straight out to the world border, the swim should take about 1 minute and when you hit the world border you automatically pass the heist. This works anywhere but I found that this spot works best, it’s the safest and fastest.

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