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Yesterday night I was just scouring the web, like a homeless guy scours a trash can. Just clicking on every single link coming in front of my mouse pointer (Nope. I’m not a psychopath and also my girlfriend hasn’t left me, ‘cause I don’t have one), and incidentally I found an interesting thread on Reddit saying the new God Of War logo is implying its release date through that runes imposed on it.

Well, I found it amusing but pretty much illogical – why would they even art a logo with a so-called release date on it which they’ll (or maybe) use further in the series. Nah, it’s not a release date.

Then what the hell is it anyways?

Though it’s not a release date, it fires a conspiracy spark inside my rusty brain to find what that runes actually means. And this kickstarted a night of decrypting (almost) every rune on that logo,  filled with tiredness and procrastination.

The Runes on the God Of War Logo and what do they mean

The new GOW logo has been updated from the greek Omega symbol to a Norse painted circle imbued with runes

First things up, see that God Of War logo (which started as an Omega but is now a Norse omen) – above carefully and you’ll soon be able to notice eight Elder Futhark runic alphabets simply shown on it. There are eight runes which have their own meaning in Norse mythology and somehow are associated with their respected Norse gods.

The Mannaz rune on the new God Of War logo

The very first rune present at the very bottom of the logo (see above) is called as Mannaz which is the conventional name of the m-rune and basically means “man“. Additionally, it is said that the rune indicates “augmentation”, “support”, “mankind” and “humanity”, which seems like the newly adopted rules of our bearded Kratos. Though one thing that worth a notice is that Mannaz rune is associated with god Odin, who also referred somewhere as father of Thor

The Ingwaz rune on the God Of War logo

Second rune, found on the bottom right (next to Mannaz), is called as Ingwaz, which signifies “harmony”, “love”, “peace”, is translated as “Angel. The god Ing” and is undoubtedly associated with the god Ing, who also referred to as Freyr and is considered as “one of the most important gods of Norse.

The ‘Gebo’ rune on the new God Of War logo

The third rune, as you can notice on the left centre, is called as gebö, means “love”, “partnership”, and “forgiveness” is deciphered as “Gift”. This rune is associated with goddess Freyja, who herself being associated with “love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death” and is twin sister of Freyr. She also attends a celebration held by Ægi, where Sif was also present when being insulted by Loki (If you don’t know why I’m giving a notice to Sif, then you should need to check out my theory about God Of War.)


The fourth rune, on the top right, is quite different from Sowilo rune- means “the sun”-as it looks like “M”, however, there is no such rune, so we’re considering it as Sowilo rune for now, which means “wholeness, light, and energy”.

Baldur is a god in Norse mythology who’s associated with the aforementioned rune. He is often interpreted as the “god of love, peace, forgiveness, justice, light or purity”.

Fun Fact: He is the second son of Odin and the goddess Frigg.

The Hagalaz rune on the new God Of War logo

Hagalaz rune, situate at the top centre, is translated as “hail” and means “weather”, “damaging
natural forces”, and “Disruption”. I get the feeling that its being associated with Thor, as it looks like, but opps….its not.

It is associated with Hel, a giantess and goddess in Norse mythology who rules over Helheim. She’s the daughter of Loki and therefore the sister of the wolf Fenrir and the world serpent, Jormungand (yep! That serpent everybody claims to be in the GOW reveal).

The 2 un-identified runes on the new God Of War logo

Unfortunately, after finding what the rest of the runes actually mean, I haven’t found anything that I could relate to these above runes (bottom left & top left). I tried to…but I simply couldn’t. If you find any transaltions we would love to check them out. Please leave links in the comments.

The Eihwaz rune on the new God Of War logo

And finally, the interesting and the most amusing rune is Eihwaz which translated as “Yew Tree” and means “archer’s bow, weapon. Magic, deflection, prevention”. Yeah! And that’s what I want to hear.

All things considered, as Eihwaz rune is translated as “Yew Tree” which indicates my previous conspiracy theory about the GOW, it’s because the yew tree are used to make bows and you’ll be surprised by hearing that the rune is associated with god Ullr. Yes!!! U-L-L-R. Stepson of Thor and could be Kratos’ son in the game.

And that’s it. That’s all I have to explain. But there are still two runes I couldn’t figured out, and to be honest, I look like an a**hole right now, ’cause I know what they are, and who they are associated to but still haven’t reached on a conclusion yet – what does it all means? What is the connection between Ullr, Freyr, Freyja, Hel, Odin, and Baldur with Kratos.

Well, we’ll get to know what does it all means, in future though. And be prepared to meet these gods. Nonetheless, if you think you can figure it out I would love to hear what’s cooking in your head. As always, you can tell us your thought on the lonely comment section below 🙂

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