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The Atari VCS Collector’s Edition — a first-run limited-time exclusive to the Indiegogo pre-sale is now sold out! But all is not lost for nostalgic Atari fans worldwide!

Due to the incredible demand for the retro-inspired model and overwhelming success of Atari’s VCS Indiegogo Pre-Sale campaign, Atari has announced a second production run of the wood-faced units, now called the Atari VCS Tribute Edition, as a tribute to their fans and the enduring appeal of the Atari 2600-inspired design.

Those who missed out on the Collector’s Edition have another chance to pre-purchase the Atari VCS Tribute Edition, featuring the same iconic real-wood front panel. The Atari VCS Tribute Edition is cosmetically similar to the sold out Collector’s Edition but will not be part of the 6,000 “First-Run” units of the individually numbered and certified Collector’s Editions.

The Atari VCS has enjoyed unprecedented support, blasting past Atari’s $100,000 USD Indiegogo goal in a matter of hours. To-date, the campaign has raised nearly $3 Million USD with 10 days remaining in the current campaign, thanks to the broad support from gamers eager to enjoy both nostalgic and contemporary entertainment in Atari’s first connected device.

Last week, Atari also wrapped up a successful E3 2018, showcasing an exciting lineup of both reimagined Atari classic revivals and completely new original titles. Atari Connect COO Michael Arzt (Atari VCS / Atari Life) was also on hand at E3 to answer questions about the Atari VCS, including a detailed interview with Danny Pena of Gamertag Radio.

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