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Few days ago there was the Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition giveaway for 2 days. Neverwinter Nights was originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2002; its developer BioWare has released the GNU/Linux client 2003.

As today’s standards, Neverwinter Nights’ Linux files are outdated and installation is fairly complicated. [dotslashplay.it](dotslashplay.it) has Linux installation scripts for GOG’s Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition but when the giveaway was announced, those scripts were incompatible with the most recent version of the game. Almost gave up, I sent an e-mail to the scripts’ author Antoine Le Gonidec (vv221); he replied the next day and updated the scripts in few days!

As 6th December 2016, dotslashplay.it’s Linux installation script is fully compatible with GOG’s Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition. The only dependency missing in the installation tutorial is realpath; if you install it alongside with other dependencies, .deb file should be built without an issue.

Aside from missing videos, the game runs great on Linux Mint 17.3 Mate (x64).

Installation tutorial which has the installation scripts and required files:http://wiki.dotslashplay.it/en/games/neverwinter-nights

Credits to Antoine Le Gonidec (vv221): http://wiki.dotslashplay.it/en/starthttps://github.com/vv221 https://www.linkedin.com/in/antoine-le-gonidec-b49296122

Source: Reddit

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